Teri Westerby is running for Chilliwack School Board Trustee this fall.

Teri Westerby has announced that he is running for Chilliwack School Board Trustee in this fall’s municipal election.

Teri is the president and one of the founding members of the Chilliwack Pride Society, a facilitator of the Gender Support Network, the secretary of the Downtown Chilliwack Community Market Society and the chair of the Sexuality and Gender Equity Committee through Chilliwack Healthier Communities. He also works for United Way of British Columbia as a Community Builder for Sardis.

Teri Westerby wearng his Rainbow Bowtie

“Enough is enough,” said Westerby.

“I repeatedly hear stories about Chilliwack students being bullied and excluded due to their differences. Students in the district are underserved, and teachers are unsupported. When that happens, education suffers. I can no longer sit back and hear these stories; I will be stepping up for the teachers, the students, their caregivers, and their families and running for Chilliwack School Board Trustee this fall.”

“I know that I can make a difference in Chilliwack by amplifying the voices of the students, their caregivers, and the teachers of the district,” he says.

“Through my work, I have learned how to support the community. A community made of many different people with many unique needs. I strive to create a sense of community where folks of all backgrounds can come together and feel like they belong. Chilliwack is growing at a record rate, and although some are continually standing in the way of progress, I have learned that Chilliwack wants to move forward. People are willing to work together for the sake of our community and our children.”

“It’s time to work harmoniously and move the Chilliwack school district forward, together!”

Teri is making history as the first-ever openly transgender man to run for Canadian municipal politics. Teri is thought to be potentially BC’s first-ever openly transgender school board trustee candidate and the second Canada-wide (the first being Lyra Evans from the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, who is seeking re-election this fall).

The Election takes place on October 15th, 2022 with advanced voting on Wednesday, October 5 and 12, including mail-in options.

You can read more about Teri’s platform by visiting his website at TeriWesterby.com or on Facebook or Instagram @TeriWesterby


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